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Urban Sports Rescue Fish Fry & What I Learned At 15 Years Old

April 27, 2023 Brooke Brunson Season 1 Episode 18
Blogger With A Twist Podcast
Urban Sports Rescue Fish Fry & What I Learned At 15 Years Old
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Show Notes

Hey everyone, and happy Friday.  After a minor hiatus, your girl is back with new content.  So for this episode, ill be sharing one of the biggest life lessons I learned at 15 years old.  Going through this lesson made me understand that the choices we make in life have consequences.  And that being a follower will only get you so far in life.  So if you are a young person listening to my episode, remember to listen to your instincts.

Along with that, I will also be discussing some exciting news I got last week.  Because of my social media following on Instagram, your girl got invited to her first fish fry fundraiser hosted by Urban Sports Rescue ( a Philadelphia-based non-profit organization).  So if you live in Philadelphia, come to Lou & Choo's this Sunday, April 30th, to help support this organization.  Thanks again to Tony Cousar for reaching out to me on Instagram, and you all have a great weekend.  Grab your snacks, and let's get this episode poppin!

Tony's Instagram:

Tony Cousar, MSW

Student Advocate, Urban Sports Rescue

Timestamps:  Intro -  [00:00]

Welcome & Updates -   [00:49]

Fish Fry Fundraiser  - [01:31]

Story time & Life Lesson -  [07:56]

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